Autonomy Therapeutic Services LLC

Autonomy Therapeutic Services LLC
825 East Speer Boulevard
Suite 209
Denver, Colorado 80218
Phone (720) 878-2588 

My Approach to Therapy:
I bring a fundamental belief that we as people function best and develop to our highest level when we discover the autonomy or freedom in our lives. Realistically no matter the behavioral consequences/benefits we have a fundamental choice in how we live our lives. Having insight into discovering the reasons we choose one thing over another, and the existential anxiety in exploring this freedom helps one believe we have control over our world instead of being controlled by it.

When developing a treatment I encourage clients to include physical movement and play into their lives. Exercise in some form has shown great benefits to mental health. Therapy can be challenging at times, and integration and maintaining play can be a vital part of self care and providing balance in achieving ones goals. After all life is meant for living!     

I try to keep my caseloads low to give diligent treatment to the cases I have. I reserve a limited number of in-home cases although most of my practice is maintained at my office located in Cherry Creek near downtown Denver. I do not currently accept insurance but may be able to provide the necessary paperwork if you would like to make claims. I offer free consolations for evaluation of treatment on a limited basis due to scheduling. Fees vary due to many factors (in-home/time of session/etc) and this will be discussed during consultations. Please feel free to contact me at 720-878-2588 to seek availability     

If this is an Emergency call 911

For non-emergency crisis call:
Metro Crisis Services

Choosing a Therapist can be a difficult task. I've worked in the area of mental health for a number of years and it has taught me that every case is different. Even cases that are similar to cases I have had before can have nuances to them that deserve personalized attention. Therefore, I believe that consultations are an important part of the Therapeutic process. I offer free consultations, based on scheduling and current caseload.

Please contact me and let me know what is going on and hopefully we can schedule a free consult to discuss the challenges you, your family, partner, or child face. I also work with many clinicians in the Denver-metro and surrounding area that I can make referrals to if that is needed.

There is a limited number of in-home services also available, but please contact me for further information. Congratulations on making steps to enrich your life through the transformative process of talk therapy and I look forward to speaking with you.

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